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The Other Channel Islands: Island Conservation in California 
With Dr Nathan Gregory  

(Irvine Ranch Conservancy, California)

Thursday, 7 April 2022

6:30-8pm (UTC)


Please email for a Zoom invite

or directions to Highlands campus if you can join us in person!

This event is free and open to everyone. 

Nathan Gregory is Senior Lecturer, JICAS and Vice-President and Chief Programmes Officer at the Irvine Ranch Conservancy, California, USA. Early in his career, Nathan worked on invasive species control and wildlife conservation and management issues in Hawaii, Alaska, and Colorado, and he later earned his Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Princeton University, where he studied the effects of land use on bird communities in Kenya. He then worked as a research ecologist and project manager for the non-profit Institute for Wildlife Studies (IWS) focusing on the conservation of the desert tortoise in the Mojave Desert and the San Clemente Island fox. After leaving IWS, Nathan served for two years as an AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow at the United States Agency for International Development. During his time in Washington and prior to joining the Conservancy in 2016, Nathan worked on biodiversity conservation and international development issues in multiple countries.

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