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ISIC Proceedings
Proceedings are available for the ISIC 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012. Audiovisual proceedings area available for 2022 and 2023. In addition, ISIC 2022 selected papers were published here
The proceedings for 2019 will published in an edited anthology volume by UWI Press (see below)
Islands & Migration Research Symposium Proceedings 2021


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Special Section: Island Creativity, Ingenuity, and Practice

Guest editors: Andrew Jennings, Evangelia Papoutsaki, & Meng Qu (ISIC Shetland 2022 hosts)


Beyond Autarky: Discourses of Islandness-As-Heritage in Islands’ Energy Transitions by Marilena Mela

The Impact of CEO Characteristics on the International Entrepreneurship of Small Island-Based Firms by Guido Rojer, Jr., Karen Watkins-Fassler, Rebeca de Juan Díaz, & Anoop Rai

‘Made in Airbnb’: Sense of Localness in Neolocalism: Tourism Dynamics on Heimaey, Iceland by Michael Röslmaier & Dimitri Ioannides

Sustainable Creative Tourism on Islands and the Pandemic: The Creatour Azores Project by Alexandra Baixinho, Carlos Santos, Gualter Couto, Isabel Soares de Albergaria, Leonor Sampaio da Silva, Pilar Damião Medeiros, & Rosa Maria Neves Simas

Island Art and Music Festivals    
Exploring Place, Identity and Culture in Island  Festivalscapes

Evangelia Papoutsaki & Sonia Niaah Stanley (eds) 
UWI Press: Kingston


This edited volume contains the selected proceedings of the 15th International Small Island Cultures (ISIC) 2018 Conference jointly organized by The Institute of Caribbean Studies (University of the West Indies), the Small Island Cultures Research Initiative (SICRI) and the Sydney Institute of Music and Sound Research. The resulting anthology focuses on island music and art festivals and engages scholars from different disciplinary fields to share their research and experiences. While the focus is on island festivals, this volume also aims at promoting a critical research agenda for island studies in general.




Professor Philip Hayward



Sonjah Stanley Niaah and Evangelia Papoutsaki  


Part One: Art, Culture and Island Communities


Chapter One

Diagnosing Uneven Revitalization Outcomes Among Aging Communities in Japan’s Island Art Festival

Meng Qu, Yachen He, A.D.McCormick, Caroline Funck


Chapter Two

The Norseman’s Home: Up-Helly-Aa and Shetland’s Performance of Place

Emma Lang


Chapter Three

Mapping Waiheke Island’s Festivalscape: Community Activism and Festival Reclamation

Evangelia Papoutsaki and John Stansfield


Chapter Four

Promoting the “Creole Traditional Wedding” During the Creole Festival as a Strategy to Sustain Cultural Traditions

Marie-Christine Parent

Part Two: Music, Dance and Island Identity


Chapter Five

The Traditional Daur Music and Dance Festival Kumule on the Island Meadow by the Amur River

Holger Briel and Xi’an Jiaotong


Chapter Six

“I feel like a Hulk”: Soca, Pleasure and Utopia

Shauna Rigaud


Chapter Seven

Rebel Salute: a Birthday Party the World Attends

Melville Cooke


Chapter Eight

A Celebration of Music, Movement and Memory: the Archival Significance of St Kitts ‘Sugar Mas’

Stanley H.Griffin


Chapter Nine

Sounding’ the System: Noise, In/Security and the Politics of Citizenship

Sonjah Stanley Niaah

Okinawan Journal of Island Studies vol 3 2022 (co-edited with SICRI)

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Theme: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Small Island Cultures and Heritage

Journal: Okinawan Journal of Island Studies, Vol.3 (expected publication date March 31, 2022)

Editors: Dr. Ayano Ginoza (Editor: Okinawan Journal of Island Studies), Dr. Evangelia Papoutsaki, and Dr. Meng Qu (Convenors: Small Island Cultures Research Initiative - SICRI)


Okinawan Journal of Island Studies is a peer-reviewed international journal published annually by the Research Institute for Island Studies at the University of the Ryukyus. Published in English, it covers topics related to islands and islandness that are not limited to Okinawa.

Editors’ Note

Island Cultures and Heritage: Open and Continuous Reflections
Ayano Ginoza, Meng Qu, Evangelia Papoutsaki


Enoshima: Signifying Island Heritage Across Space and Place
Henry Johnson

Island Revitalization and the Setouchi Triennale: Ethnographic Reflection on Three Local Events

Shiu Hong Simon Tu

Augmenting Small-Island Heritage through Site-Specific Art: A View from Naoshima
A. D. McCormick

Contemporary Island Historiography and Environmental Codifications of Architecture: The Art Museum on Naoshima

Alia Hamadeh

Marine Cultural Heritage in Lý Sơn Island, Vietnam: Current Situation and Future Challenges

Hoang Van Nguyen, Thanh Van Vo, Tuyen Dai Quang

Defining “Tao-Style” Equality of Fishing Allocations as the Small-Scale Fishing Cultural Heritage in Lanyu, Taiwan
Shenglin Elijah Chang and You-Ren Chung

Sacred World Heritage Sites and Their Representations within Travel Information Sources Aiming at International Tourists

Pascal von Beuningen

“Text Messages from the Grave”: Connecting the Mobile Phone with the Samoan Concept of Va Tapuia

Marion Muliaumaseali’i

Beyond Words to Find Words: Creative Hermeneutical Dialogue During COVID-19
Joshua Nash, Fiona Sprott, Jason Sweeney

Book Reviews


Pacific: An Ocean of Wonders

Evangelia Papoutsaki
The Challenges of Island Studies

Meng Qu
Scotland and Islandness: Explorations in Community, Economy and Culture
Sarah R. MacKinnon

Nenes’ Koza Dabasa: Okinawa in the World Music Market

Junko Konishi
Identity, Language and Belonging on Jersey: Migration and the Channel Islands
Henry Johnson


Forum: Miduri


Gender, Migration, and Post-Disaster Communities: Call for Intersections and Dynamics of Local and Global Connections in Asia-Pacific Island Countries
Glenda Tibe Bonifacio
Windrows: Entangled Negotiations with Fish, Wind, and Time in Coastal Newfoundland/Ktaqmkuk

Maggie J. Whitten Henry
Taking the Trouble

Philip Hayward



Advisory Board

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