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Check this space for news, recent and upcoming events with our partners, local hosts and SICRI members.


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Celebrate Islands:

PRESS release

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Introduction to the Institute for Northern Studies MLitt programmes with Dr Andrew Jennings

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Okinawa Journal of Island Studies


The other Channel Islands: Island conservation in California: 
Dr Nathan Gregory

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The International Geographical Union: Islands in Relations:  Conflicts, Sustainability, and Peace

Celebrate Islands:
9th Edition

May 11th - 18th 2022

Deciphering the Elements: cultural meanings of water in an island setting: 
Dr Helen Dawson

Resilience and vitality in small island regions symposium: Jonathan Pugh and Makoto Tsuchiya

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Islands Matter series
A collection of webinars created by the Institute of Northern Studies at UHI

Island Innovation Awards 2021
Dedicated to islanders driving positive change

The other Channel Islands: Island conservation in California: 
Dr Helen Dawson

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Gender, Migration

& Post-Disasters Communities in Asia Pacific Island Countries eNetwork

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