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SICRI Creative Media Editorial Team


Lauren Rose

Lauren is originally from Dorset, UK and graduated from the University of Exeter and the University of Queensland with a degree in Zoology. She then achieved a MSc in Island Conservation and Biodiversity. She recently conducted a Blue Carbon Assessment for Jersey, Channel Islands, that explored the potential for seaweed aquaculture expansion and its application for climate change mitigation/adaptation. Her academic interests include sustainability, conservation and communication. Last year she designed, developed and launched an online open-access repository for island research in Jersey. 


Lauren has worked with institutions globally as a marine scientist, consultant, conservation educator and tutor. She has worked with the AWdF, SNTech, the Government of Jersey, Jersey Marine Conservation, and written blogs for NWNL regarding freshwater issues. 


Lauren is an avid nature and wildlife photographer and loves to travel, meet new people and hear their stories. She believes nature-based solutions can best help our expanding human population live in harmony with the natural world. Currently, she is working as an Environmental Consultant, specialising in marine benthic communities and biodiversity net gain. 


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