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ISIC 2023, Miyajima, Japan

SICRI is delighted to announce its brand new network for early career scholars and island activists and practitioners.

It is a charge-free network that helps connecting the dots between early career scholars all around the world.

The New Voices network celebrates “all things islands” and kindly invites individuals engaged in any sort of island-based activities, such as research, creative approaches, story-telling and activism to join our network.


Aim: The new initiative aims to support young and/or emerging researchers in the interdisciplinary field of island studies through providing a space for networking, project sharing and ideas generating.

We encourage everyone with an interest in islands to come and shape the future, not only of our network, but of island studies.


Proposed Activities: The network intends to facilitate different activities for its members, like network meetings, peer discussions, mentoring, webinars, calls for non-reviewed papers and essays, and a podcast, as well as hosting one annual symposium on island studies and activism. You can also participated at the Island Studies Reading Group run by Jon Pugh, see here for upcoming activities.

"New Voices" in Island Studies Initiative

The Co-Convenor

​The New Voices network is co-convened by Jens Westerskov Andersen (doctoral student at Lund University in Sweden) and Kirsten Gow (doctoral student at the University of Aberdeen and James Hutton Institute in Scotland). Feel free to reach out to them if you have any questions concerning the network or wish to become a part of it.

Jens is an islander by birth and a sociologist by training; his Ph.D. studies focus on the social reorganization of small islands in Denmark regarding the distribution and concentration of native islanders and newcomers, second home tourism, and seasonal tourism in the past 100 years. Listen to Jens here talking about his work and perspectives on island studies: Islands Conversation Podcast Series

Kirsten's research focuses on islands diaspora and return migration to Scottish Islands with a view to using this knowledge to tackle island depopulation. Kirsten’s Research is funded by the Macaulay Development Trust.


Founding Group Members:

Jens Westerskov Andersen - Co-Convener / Doctoral Candidate



Kirsten Gow - Co-Convener / Doctoral Candidate



Yan Yan -  Doctoral Candidate

Affiliation: Department of Chinese Culture, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU).

Research interests: Epistemology, Li Brocade, Hainan Islandness, Anthropocene


Wu Yeiling - Doctoral Candidate / Curator, Art Writer

Affiliation: Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)

Research Interests: Lamma Island, Anthropocene, Infrastructure, Public and Visual Art, Cultural Heritage; 2020 Asia Collection Research Fellow, Kadist Art Foundation, San Francisco.


Chiya Amos - Singaporean artist and Research Fellow

Affiliation: Permanent Conductor and Advisor of the Hirodai Symphony Orchestra, Hiroshima University Research Fellow in Sustainability Science, and Representative for Music and Culture of the International Council of Environmental Law

Research interests: Music festival, rural communities, island communities, social sustainability


Christopher Cabrera - Doctoral Candidate

Affiliation: Screen Studies Program, Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan

Research interests: Documentary film, Oceania, archipelagos, representation


Paljaljim / You Ren Chung - MA - Island Practitioner

Research interests: Paiwanese traditional stone slab houses, indigenous community currency, technological agriculture, and circular agriculture

Affiliation: National Taiwan University and Taiwan Agriculture Tek Corporation (TATC)


Kelly Rivera  - MA student, international student from Ecuador

Affiliation: Prince Edward Island, Master of Arts in Island Studies.

Research interests: Housing crisis, international students, Island


Eufrasio Maratas Jr.- Affiliate researcher/trainer 

Affiliation: Restoration Initiative for Sustainable Ecosystems ( & Visayas State University’s Institute Of Tropical Ecology & Environmental Management, Philippines.


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