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The 17th International Conference on Small Island Cultures


Date: June 20-26, 2023

Place: Miyajima, Hiroshima, Japan

Conference Theme: Island Innovation, Resilience, and Revitalization

Hosted by: Organized by SICRI and co-hosted by the Japanese Society for Geographical Sciences (JSGS) 

Call for Abstracts (Finished)

Many island communities have been undergoing a dramatic demographic and social-economic decline, with many facing the real threat of disappearing in the near future. This is the outcome of decades of out-migration, lack of local employment opportunities, and cuts in essential public services as well as environmental changes. Within this context, the ISIC-17 conference seeks to share knowledge of innovative initiatives that build island resilience and revitalization. We invite proposals for papers, panels, posters, roundtables, and (community-engaged) workshops that highlight the many ways island societies put their manifold creative skills into practice, from their distinct responses to political, environmental, economic, and social challenges, to the development of island innovation strategies, social and economic resilience, as well as diverse revitalization approaches. In line with this theme, we welcome submissions on the following conference sub-themes:


  • Island-based innovation initiatives 

  • Community resilience building

  • Island revitalization strategies

  • Creative in-migrants and entrepreneurship on islands

  • Island-based creative tourism

  • Creative arts and its role in sustainable communities

  • Other themes relating to island studies will also be considered

Organizing Committee

Dr. Meng Qu, SICRI Co-convenor & ISIC 2023 host

Prof. Carolin Funck, JSGS & ISIC 2023 co-host

Dr. Evangelia Papoutsaki, SICRI Co-convenor & ISIC 2023 co-host


Reviewing committee

Prof. Philip Hayward, Editor Shima & University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Prof. Henry Johnson, University of Otago, New Zealand

Prof. Glenda Bonifacio, University of Lethbridge, Canada

Dr. Ayano Ginoza, Associate Professor, University of the Ryukyus, Japan

Dr. Helen Dawson, Affiliate Research Fellow, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany


The Small Island Cultures Research Initiative (SICRI) is an international network that facilitates communication and collaboration between researchers and cultural practitioners working with small island communities. Its principal aim is to research and assist the maintenance and development of small island cultures. 


About JSGS

The Japanese Society for Geographical Sciences (JSGS, Chiri Kagaku Gakkai) was founded in 1961 with the aim to promote research in geography and its education, and to contribute to their progress. The Society is one of the leading academic geography associations in Japan, and is supported by some 400 members. The office of the Society has been located at the Department of Geography, Hiroshima University since its foundation.

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Key dates

Abstracts Open: October 1st – December 15th 2022

Acceptance Notification: January 31st 2023

Panel proposal deadline: March 15th 2023

Early Bird Registration: February 10th – March 20th 2023

Late Bird Registration: March 20th – April 30th 2023

Pre-conference Cruising Excursion: June 20th 2023

ISIC-17 Conference: June 21st – 23rd 2023

Post-conference Art Islands Hopping: June 24th – 26th 2023


Abstract Requirements

  1. Title

  2. 4-5 keywords

  3. 50 words Bio with institutional affiliation and email address

  4. Indicate the conference sub-theme (see page 1)

  5. Indicate the Emerging Island Studies Researcher Awards option*

  6. Abstract (maximum of 300 words)

  • State how the research was/is being undertaken

  • Indicate the value of the findings 

  • Give a concise summary of the findings

  • Do not insert any tables or figures

* There are 2 SICRI/JSGS awards. If you would like to be considered for one of these awards please select this option during the submission process.


Abstract Submit to: (email title with “ISIC 2023”)

Dr. Meng Qu ( Dr. Evangelia Papoutsaki (

Presentation Categories

Oral presentations

If your abstract is accepted as an oral presentation you will be allocated a place in the ISIC programme. You will be advised of your allocated presentation time upon notification of accepted abstracts.



If you have an interest in organizing a panel on a special topic that addresses one of the themes, contact the organizers with your proposal.



If you have an interest in organizing a roundtable on a special topic that addresses one of the themes, contact the organizers with your proposal.



If you have an interest in organizing a workshop on a special topic that addresses one of the themes, contact the organizers with your proposal.


Poster & Audio/visual presentations

If your abstract is accepted as a poster or an audio/visual presentation, it will be displayed/played within the ISIC exhibition.

Post-conference publication options

Publication of abstracts: Accepted abstracts will be posted on the conference website and in the conference program. Published conference proceedings options will be made available. 


Post-conference peer-reviewed publication

Option 1: After peer pre-selection, papers will be considered for publication as part of the special thematic issue on “island revitalization” of Shima journal v18 n1 (April 2024) (


Option 2: After peer pre-selection, papers will be considered for publication at Springer book series Geographies of Tourism and 

Global Change ISSN 2366-5610 (

Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 9.01.28 am.png

ISIC 2023 Conference on the World Heritage island - Miyajima

ISIC 2023 will feature a 3-day conference as well as cultural outings on Miyajima, Japan's sacred island and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Seto Inland Sea. Miyajima is one of the top three most scenic sites in Japan. This small island is located less than an hour from Hiroshima. It is most well-known for its orange Great Torii Gate - Itsukushima Shrine, which appears to float on the water during high tide. It was initially constructed in the 12th century. On the island, there are also wild deer that are accustomed to people. Japanese cultural experiences such as Japanese Tea Ceremony and local Sake Tasting are also available as additional options.

* Participants will need to book and pay for these separately at venue on-site by cash.

Japanese Tea Ceremony with traditional tea sweets (Wagashi)

Sake Tasting experience with 5 different types of regional Sake within Hiroshima Pref.

ISIC Registration fee

The conference registration fee includes the welcome and farewell dinner as well as two lunches. All presenters are required to book their own accommodation on Miyajima. Miyajima has plenty of accommodation options with different price ranges. We will provide specific accommodation suggestions soon.

Direct link to the Paypal payment page:


* Please mention your full name and the payment items in "What’s this payment for?" payment page.

* If you have difficulty paying, in keeping with our academic conference tradition in Japan, we also allow payment in cash (JPY) at full rate at the conference site (Before 12:00 of June 21, 2023). However, please make sure to contact the organizer in advance and reserve your participation in the Pre-/Post-conference Excursion by email.


The registration fees have been set as follows:

ISIC 2023 conference earlybird Until March 20th 2023:

  • Student earlybird $160 USD or ¥21000 JPY

  • Regular earlybird $185 USD or ¥24000 JPY


ISIC 2023 conference After March 20th - Until April 30th 2023:

  • Student $185 USD or ¥24000 JPY

  • Regular $210 USD or ¥27000 JPY

  • Conference participation (no presentation) $100 or ¥13000 JPY


The in-person registrations include: refreshments and lunch catering x 3 days; ISIC welcoming dinner with; access to all sessions; streamed broadcasting of your presentation online; inclusion of authors' bios and presentation abstract in conference materials; other materials provided at the conference; personalized certificate of participation.

Online - Until April 30th 2023:

  • Online presenters - students $65  or ¥8500 JPY

  • Online presenters - regular $95 or ¥12500 JPY

  • Online participation (no presentation) $30 or ¥4000 JPY​

The online presenter registrations include: access to all sessions and electronic materials; inclusion of authors’ bios and presentation abstract in conference materials; personalized certificate of participation.

* Please note that given the very unstable exchange rate of between USD and JPY, we have adjusted our prices accordingly (Exchange rate at the beginning of February). 

* 2 Scholarships for students are available to cover the conference registration costsstudents who receive a scholarship will have to pay an additional fee of 21000 JPY/160 USD if they wish to join the Pre-conference Cruising Excursion)

ISIC 2023 Pre-conference Excursion, June 20 (optional)

Island Hooping on Osakikamijima and Osakishimojima Islands in the Western Seto Inland Sea 


*The specific itinerary may change according to the weather conditions and service provider

The pre-conference island hopping day trip (bus + ferry) in the wertern side of the Seto Inland Sea including Osakikamijima (Japan's education/zero carbon Island) and Mitarai port in Osakishimojima (Edo Period Old Town) Islands. We plan to provide an on-site research talk with trational wooden barrel soy sauce brewery as well as new established international middle/high school - Hiroshima Global Academy (HiGA). In the afternoon, we plan to visit its sister island Osaki-Shimojima Mitarai port which thrived as an Edo-period port town where sailing ships awaited the favorable wind and tide. We plan to arrange some afternoon tea interviews for creative immigrant entrepreneurs on the island.

ISIC 2023 Post-conference Excursion, June 24-26 (optional)

Only 4 seats left!!!

Art Islands Cruising on Naoshima, Teshima, and Inujima in the Eastern Seto Inland Sea

3 days art tour with 2 nights of lodging 


Enjoy contemporary art and architecture set in verdant landscapes on three islands that have become internationally-acclaimed destinations after intensive arts investment. Participants will join researchers at Naoshima’s Art Island Center, who will guide the group to the island’s iconic museums and outdoor artworks while leading contextual discussions on local heritage and communities. The group will also meet with representatives of Fukutake Foundation to learn about the significance of the artwork on the islands. Participants will travel between islands care of the crowd-favorite Captain Inoue on his sea taxi. 


Pre-/post ISIC Excursion Registration fee

Direct link to the Paypal payment page:


* Please mention your full name and the payment items in "What’s this payment for?" payment page.

* If you have difficulty paying, we also allow payment in cash (JPY) before departure. However, reservations are required for joining both pre-/post-ISIC Excursions.

Pre-ISIC Excursion (June 20) – Island hopping in the Seto Inland Sea [optional]

  • $140 USD or ¥18500 JPY

* Price includes all transportation services (bus and ferries), on-site lectures & interviews, lunch and dinner. 

Post-ISIC Excursion (June 24-26) – 3 days 2 nights on Japan’s Art Islands [optional]

Only limited to 10 people. (Our ship can only handle up to this number of people)

  • $280 USD or ¥36000 JPY​

* This price does not include lodging: we will provide accommodation recommendations and more details soon. (Private room rates per night approx. 8,000-16,000 JPY or 60-125 USD)

* Price includes island-island transportation, art museum tickets, on-site art talks & lectures, and 1 dinner on Naoshima and 1 lunch on Teshima.

* Transportation from Miyajima to Naoshima and accommodation on Naoshima island are not included.

* Please note that given the very unstable exchange rate of between USD and JPY, we have adjusted our prices accordingly (Exchange rate at the beginning of February). 

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