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The 17th International Conference on Small Island Cultures

Date: June 20-26, 2023

Place: Miyajima, Hiroshima, Japan

Conference Theme: Island Innovation, Resilience, and Revitalization

Hosted by: Organized by SICRI and co-hosted by the Japanese Society for Geographical Sciences (JSGS) 

ISIC-17 Miyajima - Special Panel 01 - Resilience together? Theming island groups in tourism

[SP-1] Special Panel from Hiroshima University, Hokkaido University and Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Resilience together? Theming island groups in tourism

Panel chair - Carolin Funck


[SP-1-1] Connectivity and realms of memory in island tourism: Focusing on the choke point of soft power

Kyungjae Jang, Takayoshi Yamamura


[SP-1-2] Connected through cycling tourism: Cooperation and tensions between the "star" and the "satellites"

Carolin Funck


[SP-1-3] Regional music festivals for social sustainability



[SP-1-4] Creative Island Revitalization - Artistic Mapping for Sustainability Education

Meng Qu, Zollet Simona, Amos Chiya

ISIC-17 Miyajima - Special Panel 02 - Island Memories and Resilience in Taiwan, Guam and Okinawa

[SP-2] Special Panel from University of the Ryukyus

Island Memories and Resilience in Taiwan, Guam and Okinawa

Panel chair - Ayano Ginoza


[SP-2-1] Cultural Heritage and Its Authenticity

So Hatano


[SP-2-2] Militarized Environment’ and Resilience in Guam

Daisuke Ikegami


[SP-2-3] Okinawan Feminist Epistemologies in the Unai Festivals

Ayano Ginoza

ISIC-17 Miyajima - Panel 01 - Creative arts, tourism, entrepreneurship and sustainable communities I

Panel chair - Meng Qu


[P-1-1] ‘Love Yuh Body Treat Yuh Body Right’: Analysis of a Jamaican Government PSA

Melville Cooke


[P-1-2] Between Imperial gaze and the Continental gaze: An Artistic Research Project on Hainan Island

Pan Lu


[P-1-3] An Indie Isle of Wight: Wet Leg’s 21st century articulation of quintessential Englishness Philip R Hayward, Matt Hill


[P-1-4] Re-Connecting Japanese Islands by the Mokuren-Related Nembutsu Songs and Dances

Junko Konishi


[P-1-5] Lifestyle migration to small islands: diverse networks and support systems for community resilience

Simona Zollet, Meng Qu

ISIC-17 Miyajima - Special Panel 03 - An Island-Based Initiative

[SP-3] Special Panel from the UHI Shetland Centre for Island Creativity

An Island-Based Initiative

Panel chair - Andrew Jennings


[SP-3-1] Woolly Matters

Siún Carden


[SP-3-2] Straddling Disciplines

Andrew Jennings


[SP-3-3] Weaving Futures

Jessica Turnbull


[SP-3-4] Arctic Connections

Roxane Permar


[SP-3-5] Casting a Light

Malcolm Innes

ISIC-17 Miyajima - Panel 02 - Community resilience building I

[P-2] Community resilience building I

Community resilience building I

Panel chair - Peter N. Goggin


[P-2-1] Sublime Islands: Discursive Entanglements and Redefining the Picturesque

Peter N. Goggin


[P-2-2] Trouble in Paradise- Climate governance in the Cayman Islands

Genève Phillip-Durham


[P-2-3] Demographics and Entrepreneurship in Guam: Identifying “Startuppers” for Sustainable Development in a Small Island Economy

Fred R. Schumann, James Ji


[P-2-4] A model for building resilience in island communities

Usha Harris

ISIC-17 Miyajima - Panel 03 - Island revitalization strategies I

[P-3] Island revitalization strategies I

Panel chair - Jens Westerskov Andersen


[P-3-1] The housing crisis on Prince Edward Island and its effects on international students Kelly Rivera


[P-3-2] Local-Strategic Development Planning as “The New Black”: (Dis)Placement of Political Responsibility and Decoupling Small Islands From The Welfare Grid

Jens Westerskov Andersen


[P-3-3] Responses to Island Depopulation and Revitalisation: Translocating Policy?

Luke Dilley


[P-3-4] Missing persons: The Scottish islands diaspora and return migration

Kirsten Gow

ISIC-17 Miyajima - Special Panel 04 - Kagoshima University

[SP-4] Special Panel from Kagoshima University

Panel chair - Kawai Kei, Sota Yamamoto


[SP-4-1] Movement of Bivalves (Anadara spp.) from Fishing Grounds onto Land in the Fiji Islands



[SP-4-2] Human and Island environment Interactions during Prehistory of the Amami and Okinawa Archipelago Hiroto Takamiya


[SP-4-3] Sustainability of Ecotourism on World Natural Heritage Amami Islands

Dajeong SONG


[SP-4-4] The Pacific dispersal route of Capsicum frutescens into Asia

Sota YAMAMOTO, Sota KOEDA, Ryutaro NAKANO, Shota SAKAGUCHI, Atsushi J. NAGANO, Yoshiyuki TANAKA, Fumiya KONDO, Kenichi MATSUSHIMA, and Nobuhiko KOMAKI


[SP-4-5] Prevention of dengue fever in small islands of Micronesia


ISIC-17 Miyajima - Panel 04 - Island revitalization strategies II

[P-4] Island revitalization strategies II

Panel chair - Henry Johnson


[P-4-1] “Live off Land and Sea”: Aesthetics and Infrastructure Landscape of Lamma Island in the Anthropocene

YU Weiying


[P-4-2] The Cultural Ecology of Seaweeds in Ceantar na nOileán Connemara

Mike Evans, Stephen Foster


[P-4-3] Island Languages in the Channel Islands: Innovation, Resilience, and Revitalization 

Henry Johnson


[P-4-4] The Governance of Regional Resources in the Setouchi Bisan Islands and its Potential for Sustainability

Mori Tomoya, Ozawa Takashi, Nakamura Koki, Taie Kuniaki, Jin Chenghua, Misuzu Takao, Yabuta Masahiro

ISIC-17 Miyajima - Panel 05 - Community resilience building II

[P-5] Community resilience building II

Panel chair - Evangelia Papoutsaki 


[P-5-1] Islandness and Colonialism – their influence in Conservation in Malta

Shirley Cefai


[P-5-2] Adopting Rainforestation for Small Island Biodiversity Conservation and Watershed Rehabilitation

Eufracio Maratas Jr.


[P-5-3] Urban Planning as an Innovative approach for managing environmental issues in an insular city of Port Vila – Efate Island, Vanuatu Jamesly Tavuti


[P-5-4] Epistemology of Li Brocade From Past for Multi-Future

Yan Yan

ISIC-17 Miyajima - Panel 06 - Creative arts, tourism, entrepreneurship & sustainable communities II

[P-6] Creative arts, tourism, entrepreneurship, and sustainable communities II

Panel chair - Meng Qu


[P-6-1] Reframing Oceania: Archipelagos and Documentary Film in Pacific Islands Christopher M. Cabrera


[P-6-2] Re-mediating Curtis: Appropriation OF Indigenous Island Culture and the Re-appropriation OF Image and Agency Through Indigenous Methodology 

Stephen Foster, Mike Evans


[P-6-3] Marine-loving youth, PET-bottle flying-fish fishermen, and Shiitake mushroom famers: Three cases of innovative in-migrant initiatives in small and big islands of Taiwan

Shenglin Elijah Chang, You Ren Chung


[P-6-4] Popularity of animal tourism in the peripheral islands: Tourists' needs and local dilemmas

Rie Usui


[P-6-5] World Heritage, Corona and local stakeholders’ tourism perception on change

Pascal von Beuningen

ISIC 2023 Conference on the World Heritage island - Miyajima

Co-hosted by


The Small Island Cultures Research Initiative (SICRI) is an international network that facilitates communication and collaboration between researchers and cultural practitioners working with small island communities. Its principal aim is to research and assist the maintenance and development of small island cultures. 


About JSGS

The Japanese Society for Geographical Sciences (JSGS, Chiri Kagaku Gakkai) was founded in 1961 with the aim to promote research in geography and its education, and to contribute to their progress. The Society is one of the leading academic geography associations in Japan, and is supported by some 400 members. The office of the Society has been located at the Department of Geography, Hiroshima University since its foundation.

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