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The 16th International Conference on Small Island Cultures


Date: June 22-25, 2022

Place: Shetland, Scotland

Conference Theme: Creativity, Ingenuity, and Practice

Hosted by: The Center for Island Creativity, University of the Highlands and Islands (see here for official conference site)

Program: click here

Islands have long been centres of creativity, ingenuity, and innovation. This conference sought to share knowledge of and celebrate facets of island creativity. We invited proposals for papers, panels and creative workshops that highlighted the many ways island societies put their manifold creative skills into practice, from their distinct responses to political, environmental, economic and social challenges, to the development of island creative economies and the promotion of community well-being. In line with this theme, we welcomed submissions on the following topics:

1. Creative Economy on Islands

2. Experience of the Island-based Creative Practitioner

3. Creative Entrepreneurship on Islands

4. Creative Approaches to Island Political, Environmental, Economic and Social Challenges

5.  Creative Approaches to Sustainable Island Tourism

6. Other themes relating to islands studies will also be considered

ISIC 2022 Day 1 Session 1 - Island Creative Economy, Industries & Sustainability

Andrew Jennings

Vikings, Gandigusters and Sparls – What is Shetland?


Thais G. Franken

Placing Culture and Creativity at the Heart of the Aruban Sustainable Development


Sacchi Giovanna Sacchi

Small Islands Ecosystem Services: resilience pathways through climate change hchallenges


Orsa Beck

Indigenous knowledge is the key to sustainable creative ecology

Questions and Comments

ISIC 2022 Day 1 Session 2 - Island Environment, Climate Change & Sustainability

Roxane Permar

Nordic Connections: Learning from the past to shape the future & Creativity and Crisis: Scottish islands, covid and climate


Glenda Lozada

Self-management organizations in Puerto Rico


Marilena Mela

A spatial configuration of energy stories: Tracing landscape agencies in Shetland

ISIC 2022 Day 1 Session 3 - Creative Practitioner & Cultural Heritage Talks

Maggie J. Whitten Henry

Recursive islandness in creative practice: Entangled negotiations with abundance, loss, tradition, and time


Jon Corbett

Digitally Challenging Diaspora. Creative approaches to overcoming physical distance in a remote island community.


Simon Clarke

A Future for the Past? Development of the Unst Space Station on a Scheduled Monument


Maria Chnaraki

Island Amphitheaters of Sustainable Education: Creative Mazes of Integrated Cultural Heritage

ISIC 2022 Day 1 Session 4, Island Creative Economy & Diversification

Jack Dyce

In Gingenuity: Imagination, initiative, and innovation in the design, manufacture, production and marketing of new island gins from The Hebrides and Northern Isles of Scotland, and Danish Bornholm


Hideki Hasegawa

Corsican swine breeding and charcuterie processing from a

traditional insular society to a new insular communities based on a creative economy


Roshni Caputo- Nimbark

Modern Barbarians: Whaling Economies of the Faroe Islands


Jens Westerskov

Beating Capitalism?: the grocery store case of community economy transitioning in the Danish small islands

ISIC 2022 Day 1 Session 5, Island Creative Entrepreneurship & Community Engagement

Ana Cristina Correia Gil

Cultural entrepreneurship and insular identity in

the Azores archipelago: the dynamics of

contemporary publishing houses and authors


Charlotte Slater

Success of Social Enterprise in Scottish Island Communities


Nishimura Satoru

Drivers of immigration in Amami Islands, Japan:

Change of life style, Diversity and Multiculturalism


Stephen Foster & Mike Evans

Common Property, Collective Action, and the Public Good: the impact of property law on a reimagined post-industrial waterfront island.

ISIC 2022 Day 2 Session 6, Creative Economy on Islands

[Collective presentation] Voyaging the ancient and contemporary creative economies of the Pacific Islands

Panellists: Frances Koya Vaka'uta Letila Mitchell Jackie Kauli

ISIC 2022 Day 2 Session 7, Other themes relating to islands studies (Gender, Military History & Island Concepts)

Henry Johnson

Promontories, Islands and Military History


Peter Goggin

Saint Brendan, “Red Snowman,” and the Age(s) of Discovery: Islands as Rhetorical; Metaphorical, and Galactic Stepping-Stones.


Evangelia Papoutsaki & Sueo Kuwahara

“Shodansho” - a place for laughter and chatting: a women led community response to aging small island communities in Japan


Laurie Brinklow

My island’s the house I sleep in at night


Kirsten Gow

The Scottish Island Passport

ISIC 2022 Day 2 Session 8, Island Tourism & Sustainability

Helene Martinsson- Wallin

Sustainable and Experience based Cultural-and Natural Tourism in Rural Gotland – The Tjelvar Project


Michael Röslmaier & Dimitri Ioannides

Neolocalism Inspired by Home Sharing: The case of Heimaey


Melville Cooke

Jamrock Reggae Cruise as a floating festival


Fiona Steele

Creative Approaches to Sustainable Island Tourism


Francesc Fusté-Forné

Food marketing in Tórshavn, the Faroe Islands

Sonia Haoa Cardinali Rapa Nui Archaeological Heritage ProtectionISIC 2022 Day 3 Session 10 - Islands in Literature

Andrew Mac Pherson

Reimagining Canada as an Archipelago: Two Islands as Depicted in Recent Speculative Fiction


Sonia Haoa Cardinali

Rapa Nui Archaeological Heritage Protection

Philip Hayward

Islands, sky islands and cloud forests

Randy T. Nobleza

Against Disinformation, Misinformation and Malinformation: Language of Non-Literary Texts in-depth reportage podcasts in an island and archipelagic setting

ISIC 2022 Day 3 Session 11 - Art, Islands & Creativity in Precarious Times

Meng Qu

From Island Arts to the Art Islandness


Shiu Hong Simon Tu

Island Revitalization and the Setouchi Triennale: Ethnographic Reflection on Three Local Events


Solène Prince

The Making of Art Islands – Assemblages of contemporary art and tourism on Bornholm and Naoshima


Alia Hamadeh

Contemporary island historiography and environmental

codifications of architecture: the art museum on Naoshima


Kate Listonis

The Island, the Bench and the Sofa at Home:

The archipelago-like network of artists and

audiences involved in the exhibition Town Hall

Karin Murray Bergquist

The Spectred Isle: A Map of Stories.

Organizing Committee


Dr Andrew Jennings,  Centre for Island Creativity,

University of Islands and Highlands & ISIC 2022 host

Dr Evangelia Papoutsaki, SICRI Co-convenors

Dr Meng Qu, SICRI Co-convenors

Dr Simon Clarke Shetland, UHI

Professor Roxane Permar, Centre for Island Creativity Shetland UHI

Dr Siun Carden, Centre for Island Creativity Shetland UHI

Dr Maya Darrell-Hewins, Centre for Island Creativity Shetland UHI

Reviewing Committee


Prof. Philip Hayward, Editor SHIMA-The International Journal of Research into Island Cultures

Dr Siún Carden Centre for Island Creativity Shetland UHI

Dr Maya Darrell-Hewins Centre for Island Creativity Shetland UHI

Dr Helen Dawson, Affiliate Research Fellow, Institute of Prehistoric Archaeology Freie Universität Berlin

Prof. Henry Johnson, University of Otago, New Zealand

Prof. Glenda Bonifacio, Chair and Professor, Department of Women & Gender Studies University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

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