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Welcome to SICRI’s “island conversations” podcast series.

The aim of these podcasts is to highlight the work of island studies scholars and practitioners who make a significant contribution to islands’ research, arts, and culture landscape. The podcasts are accompanied by a curated transcript that is edited to read as an independent piece.

Prof. Henry Johnson

Hosted by:

Dr Evangelia (Valia) Papoutsaki

Prof. Henry JohnsonDr Evangelia (Valia) Papoutsaki
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"Island Notes" composition in Cretan Flat Mandolin by Christophoro Gorantonaki - "Melody Box"

In this inaugural podcast, we will be hearing from SICRI's AB Chair Professor Henry Johnson from the University of Otago, Aotearoa New Zealand where he is Associate Director of the University’s Centre for Global Migrations.

Prof. Henry Johnson

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