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The aim of these podcasts is to highlight the work of island studies scholars and practitioners who make a significant contribution to islands’ research, arts and culture landscape. The podcasts come with curated transcripts and supporting resources.

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Podcast Curators: Evangelia Papoutsaki & Meng Qu

The Island Notes series is a curated space for audiovisual essays that offer a more creative way to write about a single island combining visual/audio and text with additional resources.

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Island Notes Curators: Meng Qu and Evangelia Papoutsaki

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Prof. Henry Johnson

hosted by

Dr Evangelia Papoutsaki


Prof. Philip Hayward

hosted by

Prof. Henry Jonhson


Dr Solène Prince

hosted by

Dr Meng Qu (Mo)


Dr Jon Pugh

hosted by

Prof. Philip Hayward


Isle of Barra-Eilean Bharraigh


Sarah Ksiar

island notes 2

Quarantine Island

coming up

island notes 3

seeking contributions

island notes 4

seeking contributions


Anthropocene Islands

Study Group Invitation

by Jonathan Pugh

island news

New Iniative:

Gender, Migration and Post-Disaster Communities

Island and Migration

Research Symposium